It was part of our concept. We wanted our Nin-Nin to be 100% French Made. All our products are made in our factory based in Le Creusot.

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The made in France?

A strong will!

We are just a few to manufacture doudous in France. So we are very pround of it.

Today people want to consume in a different way, maybe less but better. We want to be more responsible and better informed. And this is especially true when it comes to baby stuff. You want to know where the products come from, that's normal.


We really think that know-how transmission is so important. If there is no transmission of skills in France we will become real loosers ! So let's go. We have the chance in Burgundy to have people with strong skills in sewing, we must help them to pass it on to the next generation.

For all these good reasons we have made the choice to manufacture in France. This is a good way to hand over our French values.

image fabrication
image fabrication 2

Our Sewing studio

A challenge...

We wanted to control the manufacturing of our Nin-Nins and we have great needlewomen locally, so we decided that we would have our own Nin-Nin sewing studion ! Ain't scared ! We love challenges.

A very cool place!

So we started our sewing studio in the living-room of our apartment... Quickly our kids just wanted to murder us.. So we thought we should find a real place !

We had the chance to find this very cool place. An old Squash room. We turned it into a Nin-Nin Manufacture. Each step of the manufacturing of our products is made in only one place : our Manufacture in Le Creusot.

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